Client Success Stories

See the results for yourself.  Check out our client success stories to learn how SVM produced bottom-line results for our B2B and industrial clients.

Case Studies

We’re a results-driven agency. Below are a few examples of how we helped our clients leverage online marketing to produce bottom-line results.

plastic shims manufacturer increases leads and sales

20% Increase In Online Leads Makes For A Happy & Busy Manufacturer

Grove Shims, a leading manufacturer of solid plastic shims has seen huge success since their new website and online marketing program was launched — a true online marketing machine.

conveyor solutions distributor marketing

The Best Sales Quarter in the History of the Company

Accurate Industrial, a leading manufacturer and distributor of conveyor belting solutions saw their organic search visits surge by 143% and had the best sales quarter ever in the history of the company!

pipe tools and vises manufacturer online marketing

99% Increase in PPC Conversions for Pipe Tools & Vises Manufacturer

Reed Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of pipe tools and vices, increased their online leads and decreased their cost/conversion with a results-focused pay-per-click overhaul. 

1,100% Increase in Online Leads for Construction Tool Distributor

Power Bolt and Tool, a leading distributor of construction supplies, increased their online leads by engaging the right audience with the right content at the right time. 

382.37% Increase in Organic Visits Since the Launch of the Site

Within a month of launching their new site, Regal Cutting Tools saw a 91% increase in visits and their conversion rate skyrocketed. 7+ years later and we continue to see impressive online marketing performance.

rubberfab webiste development

“It Was Like Turning On A Lead-Generation Faucet!”

RubberFab, a leading manufacturer of rubber gaskets, had an old website that provided no measurable results.  When their new website was launched, it produced over 100 leads per month!

Client Testimonials

This is why we do what we do.

  • I am so happy with my new website and online marketing overhaul I think I am going to cry! Keep up the great work SVM!

    b2b marketing strategy
    John J. Hall
    Founder & CEO at Turbo Sports Recovery
  • Dan Beadle and the SVM team know SEO inside and out. I’ve been working with them for the last five years, and our relationship has evolved to the point where we’re churning out content like clockwork. We’ve had numerous compliments on our website, especially about how easy it is to find information and understand what we do – no easy feat in the MRO Supply Chain business. They’re not afraid to recommend new strategies – strategies that have us ranking for our keywords in a matter of weeks (sometimes just days!) instead of months. On top of that, our web leads, qualified leads, are coming in every week. That is no accident. It’s by design because SVM works so hard to make sure we OWN our space and that our website puts us in the best light. Always.

    Debra Yorkman
    Vice President of Marketing at SDI Inc.
  • Working with SVM has been great! Our account managers Laure and Dominique are always very helpful in suggesting strategies to achieve our goals. Our company has had a web presence since 2008; however, we did not have a systemized strategy to produce results from our online marketing efforts. SVM created a great strategy for us and helped us measure the ROI from our efforts.  SVM was an excellent choice for us. Their team was knowledgeable and results-driven. I recommend SVM to any company looking for a partner to navigate the world of online marketing.

    Mudge Fasteners logo
    Marisa Mudge
    Marketing Director at Mudge Fasteners
  • SVM has helped us from the ground up with all of our online marketing needs. First, SVM created a results-focused online marketing strategy specifically for our B2B construction supply company. Then, we redesigned our entire website to be more customer-focused. Now, we are working with SVM on a monthly basis to improve our performance. Since our new website went live in October 2015, our website visits have more than doubled and we have seen a huge increase in leads, especially for our repair services. With SVM’s help, we are continuing to see improved performance month after month and look forward to the long term success from our online marketing efforts.

    Lane Garrett
    Owner of Power Bolt and Tool
  • Our company first met with Bob DeStefano from SVM in 2009 while attending a STAFDA conference. SVM is STAFDA’s endorsed online marketing consultant and Bob performed an analysis of our current website and online marketing campaign. We KNEW we needed a total remodel of our website, and when the time was right we reached back out to Bob and the SVM team to create a brand new site with a new marketing campaign. We have been extremely happy with the end result. We are generating more online leads than ever before. The excitement in our company is continuing to grow as we work to optimize our online presence. We like the small personal approach that working with SVM has allowed, always working with the same team, and consistent monthly efforts.

    construction supply company b2b marketing
    Danielle Goodwin
    Vice President of Marketing at The Pro Group
  • I met Bob at an industry conference where he was the featured speaker on the subject of Website content, SEO and online marketing. I was impressed with his ideas and expertise on the subject of Search Engine Optimization & E-Marketing. I was eager for his company to review our website, our e-marketing programs and give us recommendations to help align us with the best practices of e-commerce and SEO. One of my biggest goals was to bring a ROI conception to our online marketing efforts. Bob was a big help in getting me to understand ROI and e-commerce conversion data.

    Bob is straight and to the point, but overall he is client based so he is very pleasant and easy to work with. He can work through multiple layers of the business very effectively, coaching rather than preaching, which is critical to build consensus and avoid interpersonal, development or creative conflicts. He confirmed what we were doing right, and helped us see where we might improve. That process began in 2010 and it was my feeling that a retained agreement would work best for us, allowing us to draw on SVM’s expertise each month.

    I highly recommend Bob and his company, SVM to anyone serious about having a real presence on the web. His portfolio of clients is diverse owing to his expertise. I am convinced Bob can help anyone position themselves for e-commerce success regardless of product, service or business.

    We are a satisfied customer experiencing improved results due to our association with Bob and SVM.

    Brad Mountz
    President of Mountz, Inc.
  • I am President/CEO of a 120+ year old association management company. Over my 35 year career, I rarely offer outstanding recommendations; however, in this case, I am thrilled to make an exception. Bob has had a working relationship with our firm since 2005 and exemplifies the true meaning of partnerships. He is an expert in his field…offers a high level of creative thinking…and has shown us proven results. And, yet, perhaps Bob’s greatest quality is that he is ‘easy to do business with’. He would be a tremendous asset as a service provider to any organization.

    Taylor Fernley
    President and CEO of Fernley & Fernley, Inc.
  • It has been a pleasure to have Bob and his team at SVM be our Internet Marketing consultants. WNS operates in a very complex business environment (business process outsourcing) with multiple target audiences and multiple service offering across multiple industries. Bob and the SVM team does a remarkable job at keeping us focused on the outcomes while managing the dynamic business needs. They bring tremendous domain expertise to bear and are therefore able to guide us and our internal IT team to deliver great results. I am also very impressed with their systems and processes and most importantly the fantastic nature and attitude that they bring to clients. I am happy to recommend them.

    Anurag Mehrotra
    Vice President of Marketing of WNS Global Services
  • Bob provides so much value to distributors looking to enhance or upgrade an online marketing presence. Every business needs a carefully integrated content marketing strategy, where our messaging and online relationship building are carefully planned to create value and not spam. We all have to get more sophisticated about how we engage with our customers and prospects. Bob knows his stuff. He is not only deeply enthusiastic and passionate about how to do that, but his tactics are spot on – he knows how to produce results!

    Tom Gale
    President and Publisher of Modern Distribution Management
  • Bob has brought an incredible insight and understanding to the entire industrial supply industry in the emerging marketing trend of online marketing. Those who have followed his guidance and recommendations have prospered greatly in an era of declining business profitability.

    ISA Logo
    John Buckley
    Executive Vice President of Industrial Supply Association
  • Regal Cutting Tools entered into a partnership with SVM-E Marketing in January 2013 for the development and ongoing consultation of a newly designed website that went live August 2013. The seven months of preparation was a positive and educational experience for our internal team working with SVM. This process was comprehensive and time consuming but absolutely necessary for a successful launch. SVM provided the expertise and experience to lead the process and implement best practices.

    While our site is still new, and we are constantly making adjustments based on live experience and Google Analytic assessments, we have increased our visits by 91% between June 2013 and November 2013. The increased visits between July 2013 and November was 101%. A second component of how the new Website has performed can be measured by the goal conversion rate using the same time frame with November vs June increasing 167% and November versus July increasing 160%.

    The positive working relationships we established with SVM and their expertise in web development has created a partnership that we believe will yield the short term and long term success we desire.

    Warren Ludvigsen
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Regal Cutting Tools
  • Because of the information contained in SVM’s B2B Online Marketing Toolkit, I will take the next step in marketing and that is to integrate our bricks and mortar biz with our online presence and build a substantial Online Marketing Machine.

    Lane Garrett
    Lane Garrett
    Owner of Power Bolt and Tool
  • Bob DeStefano and SVM E-Marketing Solutions provided us with great feedback and suggestions for our website. Bob took the time to understand our business, who our customer is, and what we were looking to accomplish and tailored his analysis to fit us. This was not a generic analysis. His feedback was reassuring. As he goes through the presentation, he lets you know things that you are doing well and points out areas where you can improve. In the areas where you can improve, he provides you with the tools and suggestions to make the improvements. I would recommend this to anyone with a website

    Syndicate Sales
    Joe Dishon
    Director of Information Technology of Syndicate Sales, Inc.
  • As a result of hearing the recommendations from SVM’s Website Analysis, I was able to create a website with a focus on well structured, tailored, up-to-date content. This overhaul has had a very positive impact on our company and product online visibility generating an increased number of leads.

    Lapp USA
    Laetitia Donovan
    e-Business Marketing Manager of Lapp USA
  • I am greatly impressed with the integrity and the expertise of SVM E-Marketing Solutions. The blueprint you’ve provided for our website revamp will have a tremendously positive impact on our marketing program in 2011. You provided, and presented your analysis and recommendations in such a well organized, straightforward, logical, and actionable format. Even though I’m not as tech-savvy as I would like to be, your plan will be simple for me to follow and accomplish. We are very grateful. It was a great pleasure meeting both you and Bob. STAFDA is very fortunate to be associated with your company. Again, I thank you so very much.

    Strong Hand Tools
    Pamela Farley
    Marketing Manager of Strong Hand Tools
  • I thought SVM’s Website Analysis Program was great. We have met with a few website development companies lately and your approach is very unique. You are more focused on strategic objectives and ROI than other companies. Your approach to search engine optimization is very thoughtful and communicated well. You then add in accountability by discussing how to measure ROI, measure SEO improvements and track lead generation, etc. We definitely learned a lot from you and would recommend your services. As a result of our meeting we have a more in depth understanding of SEO, ad-word campaigns, website analytics and “customer focused” websites. As a result of our meeting we have a better strategic plan for our website.

    Dan Esch
    Owner and President of Esch Construction Supply
  • It was a lucky day when we met you at FIA’s Marketing Workshop. Excellent Ideas. Very educational and worth our time.

    Charlie Hageman
    Executive Vice President of Forging Industry Association
  • I thank you and SVM for all of your support over the years. There was never a minute that I question my decision to work with SVM. Your company has a level of customer service that I wish was the model for every company.

    Frank Hobler
    President of Fujipoly America
  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the SVM team for all your efforts in making today’s release of our new web site a success. We are happy with the final product, and we are very pleased that it has been received enthusiastically by many in the Rutgers community. In particular, I’d like to single out Laure at SVM who has been responsive and professional throughout the project. Her responsiveness was especially evident these past few weeks as she quickly helped us work through a number of minor issues. Thank you all.

    Rutgers Logo
    Jim Drumheller
    Director of HR Information Technology of Rutgers UHR

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