Meeting Planners & Attendees Rave About Bob

Business leaders say Bob DeStefano provides actionable marketing ideas in an engaging way. He makes online marketing understandable and provides attendees with strategies they can implement immediately to boost their online marketing results.

Meeting Planner Testimonials

  • Bob led marketing workshops for a number of STAFDA Conventions and we recently added him as an endorsed consultant for his expertise in online marketing. Online marketing is a very current subject and Bob communicates well with our members. He’s a great asset to STAFDA!

    STAFDA Logo
    Georgia Foley
    Executive Director of STAFDA
  • Bob’s sessions were the perfect bookends to our two meetings — having him do an overview session at our Spring meeting, then following up at the Fall Convention with a detailed “how to” session, was well received by our members. His sessions were very well-targeted to our industry, were fast-paced and offered lots of information that was right on target with what our members are trying to accomplish. As a member said in their critique — “This guy was fantastic!”

    EMDA Logo
    Patricia Collins
    Executive Vice President of EMDA
  • Bob spoke at the NAW Large Company CEO/COO Roundtable and delivered a first-rate presentation on social media marketing. Not only are his presentation skills engaging, but his ability to clearly explain the business-building impact of social media helped our group of top executives learn how to effectively market their companies through Social Media. I highly recommend Bob to any group that wants to learn how to put online marketing to work.

    John Peter
    Senior Vice President of NAW
  • Bob has brought an incredible insight and understanding to the entire industrial supply industry in the emerging trend of online marketing. Those who have followed his guidance and recommendations have prospered greatly in an era of declining business profitability.

    ISA Logo
    John Buckley
    Executive Vice President of ISA
  • Bob DeStefano’s session at the FISA Annual Conference was excellent! He opened our eyes to the unique needs of the emerging generations and provided a game plan for how to evolve our marketing to succeed in the future. He also spent quality time with participants during his Online Marketing Analysis consulting sessions. These personalized, one-on-one sessions added great value to our event by providing attendees with customized recommendations on how to take their online marketing to the next level. I have no hesitation in recommending Bob to any organization that wants to learn how to produce great results with online marketing.

    Stella Jones
    Executive Director of FISA

Meeting Attendee Testimonials

  • I have had the privilege of attending Bob’s presentation on social media marketing and the chance to talk with him in detail on the subject, one on one. Bob’s ability to tailor his knowledge to our specific industry was invaluable. He is able to take this cutting-edge information and distill it down to make it understandable and usable so that even the “non-tech” professional can implement his great ideas.

    HPC Logo
    Marty Jalove
    Vice President of Marketing of HPC
  • I met Bob at an industry conference where he was the featured speaker on the subject of online marketing. I was impressed with his ideas and expertise on the subject of Search Engine Optimization & E-Marketing. I was eager for him to review our website, our e-marketing programs and give us recommendations to help align us with best practices. I am convinced Bob can help anyone position themselves for online marketing success regardless of product, service or business.

    Mountz Logo
    Brad Mountz
    President of Mountz
  • I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation at our CVSN Summit. I heard a lot of superlatives associated with your presentation. We have had education sessions about online marketing in the past, but I have never seen so many people positively react to a session. I think the one key for us was the series of meaningful takeaways you gave us. We now have tools to improve our companies and that is the goal of our Summit. Thanks again for the great job!!

    Total Truck Parts Logo
    Marc Karon
    President of Total Truck Parts, Inc.
  • Bob and I presented to NAW together on the subject of social networking and the use of these tools in business. In getting ready for our presentation I found Bob to be knowledgeable and well versed in the subject, and he presented his material crisply, creatively and was engaged with the audience. He knows his stuff and would be a solid adder of value in an engagement.

    David Griffith
    Chairman of Modern Group

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