“It Was Like Turning on a Faucet!”

Laure Marini is SVM’s Account Coordinator for Laura Schnitzer at RubberFab. 

RubberFab Produces Leads with SVM

With their similar first names, conference calls are a bit interesting. But it has been a productive relationship nonetheless. 

Laura wears a lot of hats at RubberFab, including full plates of both IT and marketing related tasks. But together, RubberFab and SVM created an Online Marketing Machine at www.rubberfab.com that produces plenty of leads!

Why They Chose SVM

RubberFab manufactures sanitary products like gaskets, hoses and hose assemblies, tubing, seals and more.

They chose SVM because they had an outdated website that wasn’t doing them any favors, especially in the lead generation department.  They also had no presence on the search engines. In addition, they had no way to answer prospective customers’ questions and drive leads to their distributors.

So, we rebuilt their website, and keep it producing results on a regular basis with ongoing search engine marketing services.

The Tools in RubberFab’s B2B Online Marketing Machine

  • A customer-focused website, primed for SEO success.
  • Organic search engine optimization to achieve top ranks for their power keywords, plus other long-tail phrases.
  • Results measurement and analysis to keep key-stakeholders aware of the program’s success and help them make better marketing decisions.
  • Next Up: Pay-per click advertising to supplement their search presence, better content marketing, and a more effective prospective customer nurturing program, including email marketing.

Results So Far

Visits to the new Website sky-rocketed after it went live. But the impressive part is the leads: From 2013 to the end of April 2014, they averaged 99.93 new conversions per month.

In Their Own Words

Laura from RubberFab:
Working with SVM was like turning on a faucet!

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