99% Increase in PPC Conversions for Pipe Tools & Vises Manufacturer

Reed is a family-run manufacturer of pipe tools and vises with over 120 years of experience. In this time, the Reed team has invented tools that have become standards in the cutting tool industry, while providing industry-leading customer service to distributors and tool-users around the world. And, they continue to uphold the family tradition of product innovation, the highest quality pipe tools, and a cutting-edge factory.

Why They Chose SVM

Marnie Caldwell, Reed Manufacturing’s Marketing Director, reached out to SVM’s Founder Bob DeStefano in the fall of 2017 to discuss their online marketing efforts. Specifically, to get more out of their pay-per-click advertising campaign. As a B2B product manufacturer, Reed needed the help from a seasoned industrial marketing consultant like SVM that understands how to build a pipeline of high-quality leads for an industry that isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

In order to reach Reed’s goal, SVM completely overhauled their PPC campaign structure and conversion tracking strategy in November 2017. The new PPC campaign quickly yielded phenomenal results and we were able to actively manage and improve performance with clear analytics.

Since Bob’s initial conversation with Marnie, SVM has successfully worked with Reed Manufacturing to develop a results-focused pay per click marketing machine that is continuously being optimized. Nearly three months after the overhaul, conversions have increased by almost 100% and the cost per conversion has been cut in half – well, technically more than half (-59.4%).

The Tools in Reed Manufacturing’s Pay-Per-Click Marketing Machine

  • Product-focused ad group structure to show the relevant ads to a targeted audience.
  • Negative keywords to reduce wasted spend and maximize targeting.
  • High-converting ad copy that incorporates relevant product details, specifications and an actionable call-to-action (CTA)
  • Ad extensions that showcase additional valuable information about Reed and each of their products.
  • Results measurement and analysis to make data-driven campaign improvements and plan new online marketing strategies such as site improvements and search engine optimization for low-ranking keywords.
  • Next up: A greater focus on landing page content, experience and search engine optimization.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Results Since November 2017

  • 99% increase in conversions
  • 107% increase in conversion rate
  • 59% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 157 conversions per month

In Reed Manufacturing’s Own Words

“It has been an interesting experience to work with SVM. All of the advice has been different from what I’ve heard from other search engine marketing consultants.  We’re getting great results!”

Marnie Caldwell, Marketing Director at Reed

There is no one-size fits all manufacturer marketing strategy – the key is to start where your audience is and track performance so that you are able to continuously improve. We employ unique online marketing strategies with the goal to reach more companies and grow your business.

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