Results, Results, Results.

We believe everything we do should tie back to producing RESULTS…
…for our clients
…for SVM
…for us individually

If something doesn’t tie back to meaningful results, we don’t do it! It’s all about the ROI.

We get industrial marketing.

Distributors and manufacturers rely on us because they don’t have to teach us the industrial buying cycle. We know how to boost online leads and sales for everything from servo motors, to construction tools, to MRO products, to fasteners, to torque wrenches, to HVAC systems, etc. We enjoy helping companies like yours sell the tools, equipment, products and services that keep our country running.

We are a full service online marketing agency.

SVM eats, sleeps and breathes online marketing. This is our true passion. Unlike many other agencies that specialize in one or a couple categories of online marketing, SVM is proud to be the online marketing agency that does it all. Taking a holistic approach to online marketing allows our clients to see the bigger picture and understand the connection between the many different parts that make up online marketing.

We succeed when you succeed.

Our clients are our strategic partners. We don’t work for them – we are in business with them. Our success over the past 20+ years is due to the great success we’ve produced for our clients. We do everything we can to find win-win solutions for every challenge or opportunity. When we grow your bottom-line, we grow ours as well!

We have the heart of a teacher.

At SVM, we see ourselves as teachers first. We have a passion for educating our clients about successful B2B online marketing strategies – what works and doesn’t work in the online sales process. We believe transparency is the key to trust. You have a right to understand exactly what we are doing and how we are getting results for you. And, we love talking to you about it.

At the same time, we are students.

We are students of our clients’ businesses and drive to gain a thorough understanding of what makes them successful. Digital marketing is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving and SVM has a strong commitment to staying ahead of new methods and best practices. Combining our expertise in B2B online marketing with our growing understanding of what makes your business prosper, together we can achieve great results.

We are each individually wonderful and talented; but we thrive as a team.

SVM is comprised of talented individuals who are each successful in their own right. However, we truly shine for our clients when we apply our mastermind approach to defining online marketing strategies. When you partner with SVM, you get a full virtual online marketing department. Our goal is to get you bottom-line results and have fun doing it so you won’t want to work with anyone else.

We’ll never say ‘no’ – it’s ‘know how’ or ‘know who.’

When our clients come to us with an idea or challenge, ‘no’ is never an acceptable answer for us. We listen, we understand and we help develop a way forward. If we can’t solve the problem on our own, we’ll help find and deploy a partner, resource or tool that can.

If you’re thinking, “this is what I need”, then let’s talk

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