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Since 1995, SVM has been helping business-to-business and industrial companies leverage online marketing to produce bottom-line results. We’ll help you create and implement a result-focused online marketing strategy that will generate leads and sales, strengthen relationships with customers, and measure the return on all marketing investments.

Virtual Online Marketing Director Packages

SVM offers three standard Virtual Online Marketing Director packages – 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, and 3rd Gear – that can be customized based on your needs and goals.

SVM uses a “Point Pricing” model to manage your online marketing campaign. Each online marketing initiative within a campaign is assigned a point total based on value creation rather than hourly estimates. Point totals are based on the value provided by each initiative to ensure you receive full value for every dollar invested.

Point allocations are defined at the start of every month and are based on an agreed-upon scope. This allows for more efficient and accurate forecasting and planning.

You can choose from a standard package or work with our team to build a custom package based on your unique needs and budgets for our variety of services including Website Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytics and Measurement, and more.

Learn more about what SVM can offer with our virtual online marketing consulting by reviewing the marketing initiatives that are available through our Virtual Online Marketing Director packages or Contact Us.

Strategy and Planning

A results-focused online marketing strategy can help you achieve a number of business goals, such as generating leads, building a marketing database, enhancing customer service, and selling online.

SVM’s Online Marketing Roadmap consulting service is designed for business leaders looking to create an online marketing strategy that will position your company for long-term success. To help you create a results-focused strategy, SVM guides you through our proven approach to online marketing planning by digging deeply into your business to gain a thorough understanding of your industry and your organization.

Results Analysis

Gone are the days when an industrial marketer can execute a campaign without tying it back to bottom-line results. ROI needs to be as fundamental an ingredient in marketing as it is in finance, sales, R&D, or any other strategic department in your company.

Well beyond basic website statistics, SVM’s Marketing Analytics service will help you measure all online marketing activities to determine what to improve to boost your online and offline marketing bottom-line results.

Website Marketing

This may sound like a ridiculous statement, but all too often, companies do not design their website for their customers. Rather, they are more interested in talking about themselves instead of serving their customers’ needs. If your website does not serve your customers, then it’s not serving you either.

SVM will guide you through the process of creating an effective website and that will produce measurable business results through:

• Strategic Planning – Aligning your website objectives with your overall marketing and business objectives.
• Design – Creating a website to appeal to your distinct target audiences and presents a professional image that complements your brand identity.
• Production – Beginning with prototypes for your review, SVM will be programming all aspects of your new website and ensuring your site is dynamic and easy to update.
• Training & Launch – Providing your team with training to manage your new customer-focused website.
• Site Evolution – Serving as your strategic partner to continually evolve the website to achieve your online marketing goals.

Search Engine Marketing

One focus of SVM’s search engine marketing is organic search engine optimization (SEO), the ongoing process of making your website’s pages attractive to search engines. Better optimized websites have higher rankings in the organic, or “natural,” search engine results. Approximately 75% of searchers prefer to click on organic results.

SVM will make B2B search engine marketing understandable and provide you with a results-focused strategy that will help you attract a steady stream of new customers to your website through:

• Strategic Planning – Defining your target audiences and their needs, reviewing your company’s position, identifying competitors, and working with your business to identify goals.
• Keyword Research – Choosing the most relevant keywords and keyword phrases to target for your company.
• Site Optimization – Optimizing website content and structure to highlight the most relevant phrases that your target audiences are searching for.
• Link Building – Gaining quality links to your website from other Websites that are frequented by your targeted visitors and are important in your industry to help improve search engine ranking.
• Pay-per-click (PPC) Management – Running a results-focused PPC campaign, in which you pay only when a searcher clicks on your ad, to attract the largest possible audience for the lowest possible price.
• Measuring Success – Measuring your efforts and identifying actionable strategies to continue to increase future results.

Content Marketing

Do you need help planning and creating quality blog posts, articles, whitepapers, guides, case studies, infographics, or other content for your website and inbound marketing campaigns? SVM can help your business to consistently create compelling and valuable content on a regular basis to meet your online marketing goals.

Our team will work with you to brainstorm, create, and promote content designed to attract qualified prospects to your website. We do this by following our proven content marketing creation process, which includes:

• Target Audience Discovery – Gaining an understanding of your target customers to understand your ideal buyers, your customers’ needs, and how you can solve their problems.
• Content Mapping – Identifying the key questions your target audiences have at each stage of the buying process as well as identifying what content your target audiences will need throughout the buying process.
• Editorial Calendar Creation – Establishing an editorial calendar to manage the creation of all content based on content mapping. This calendar will address all facets of content creation and distribution.
• Content Creation – Leveraging the insight gained during the content mapping and calendar creation, SVM will create the desired pieces of content. After we complete a polished draft, we will share the piece with you for review and feedback.
• Content Publishing & Distribution – Once each piece of content is completed and ready for release, SVM will work with you to publish and distribute the content on your website and social media channels.

Email Marketing

Email marketing with a monthly e-newsletter offers you an opportunity to build an ongoing, interactive dialogue with your customers and prospects on a measurable, cost-efficient basis. By sending timely articles that solve current business problems, you show your customers that you understand them and their needs which helps build their trust in your company.

SVM will help you create a results-focused plan that will nurture relationships with customers and generate repeat website visits through:

• Strategic Planning – Defining the goals for your email marketing campaign by identifying how email marketing will tie into your overall marketing strategy.
• List Building – Creating a process to obtain explicit permission from your customers and prospects in order to add them to your email marketing mailing list.
• Content Creation – Focusing your email newsletters on article topics that interest your customers and prospects including “how to” tips, best practices, and actionable strategies.
• Design and Delivery – Creating a compelling design for your monthly newsletter and adding in the content for each month.
• Measuring Success – Tracking and analyzing key metrics to measure email marketing campaign success to continue to improve future newsletters.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing leverages social networking websites to share relevant and interesting content with your network of fans, followers, and connections. Social media marketing campaigns typically focus on creating compelling content that attracts attention and encourages readers to engage with it and share it with members of their networks.

The secret to success for social media marketing is to start understanding that you are not only in the business of selling products and services, but also in the business of knowledge. You need to create valuable content to market your specialized knowledge to demonstrate to customers that you are the expert in your field through:

• Strategic Planning – Working with your business to identify the key elements of your social media marketing strategy including goals and audiences to target.
• Joining the Community – Introducing you to the most important social networks, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and describing the value of each platform.
• Monitoring & Listening – Discovering online communities related to your industries and frequented by your customers to listen to expert conversations.
• Creating & Participating – Creating content that your target audience will consider interesting, educational, and useful.
• Measuring Success – Measuring social media marketing success including reach, engagement, and conversions.

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