B2B Digital Marketing Services

Since 1995, SVM has been helping B2B and industrial companies generate more leads, sales and profits online. To help you leverage digital marketing to produce bottom-line results, our team will lead you through our proven approach to strategic digital marketing planning and execution.

SVM will serve as your Virtual Online Marketing Department to help plan, execute and measure a results-focused digital marketing campaign.  Our team is comprised of individuals who have decades of B2B digital marketing experience and will provide you with the B2B digital marketing planning and leadership you need to be successful.

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B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

SVM will help you create a results-focused B2B digital marketing strategy will ensure you achieve a number of business goals, including generating qualified leads, increasing sales, strengthening relationships with customers and increasing profits.


Customer-Focused Websites

To be successful, your website needs to be focused on your customers – not you.  If your website is not serving your customers, then it’s not serving you either. SVM transform your website into a customer-focused lead and sales generation machine.


Search Engine Marketing

In 80% of B2B transactions today, the customer finds the supplier — not the other way around.  And, to find the supplier of their desired products or services they are turning first to search engines.  SVM will ensure you attract a steady stream of new customers to your website.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is the rocket fuel of B2B digital marketing. It fuels your success through creating and sharing valuable blog posts, videos, guides and other content for your website and online marketing campaigns. SVM will help you create content that drives sales.


Social Media Marketing

The secret to B2B social media marketing success is to know you are not only in the business of selling products and services — you are also in the business of knowledge.  SVM will help you market your specialized knowledge to showcase your team’s expertise.


Email Marketing

Email is not a prospecting tool. It’s a nurturing tool for building closer bonds with customers and profitable long-term relationships. Let the experts at SVM help you take full advantage of the power of B2B email marketing to drive sales and profits.


Marketing ROI Measurement

Don’t rely on gut feel or subjective measures to track your digital marketing performance.  SVM will help you define your business goals and provide specific, measurable performance results and analysis to help you measure success.


Workshop & Keynote Speaking

Professional speaker Bob DeStefano helps industrial and B2B companies produce bottom-line results.  All Bob’s B2B digital marketing presentations are designed to give participants actionable strategies that they can put to work immediately.

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