4 Tips for B2B Companies Using Facebook

Establishing a focused and thorough social media strategy can be extremely beneficial for B2b companies. Facebook presents a way for businesses to reach other businesses in ways they couldn’t before and connects those interested in specific industries.

facebookBefore creating your company’s plan for Facebook, SVM’s first tip would be to see if a Facebook page is necessary for your business. A popular myth is that every modern company needs a Facebook page, but that is not always the case. Decide if it is the right plan of action for you by taking our facebook quiz.

Once it has been decided that creating a Facebook page is a good move for your B2B strategy, consider these four tips to make sure your Facebook page is “like” worthy:

1. Remember who your audience is

As a B2B company, you are trying to reach out to other businesses and to the industry you sell/service in. This Facebook page is an opportunity for you to speak to the industry and other businesses. Treat it as you would write on your company website.

2. Create relevant posts

While you are trying to gain interest from other businesses as potential customers, use this as a chance to become an industry leader yourself. Your Facebook page should become a go-to site not only for the latest news for your company, but for your industry as well. This will make readers want to keep coming back to your page for information. This also will establish your company as an accessible resource for the entire industry.

3. Create conversation

This goes back to making posts that those interested in your company or industry want to see. By producing content on your Facebook page that people want to comment on, it will make your company more attractive. This can be done by posing questions after your post, creating contests, doing giveaways, or offering promotions. This creates enticing incentives for others to contribute to your social environment that you are trying to establish through social media.

4. Engage with other businesses in your industry

By searching content on Facebook for other businesses that do the same thing as you will allow you learn more about your competitors and give readers another opportunity for them to click your page. By offering an insightful comment on one of their posts, a reader will be more enticed to see what your company page has to say. This creates traffic directed towards your own Facebook page, and creates a resource-like perception of your social media account, as previously mentioned.

Using these tips to enhance your company’s Facebook page will give your business the exposure it needs to succeed. For more advice on how to handle your B2B social media strategy, take a look at our guide. With any questions, contact us.

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