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Laure Helemski (Marini)

laure headshotHey! I’m Laure.

Yes, Laure “LOR”. Not, Laura, Laurie, Lauren. And yes, that’s my full name. No, my parents did not forget the n at the end. Laure actually means gold in French (l’or), and is a very popular name in France, where I was born. I moved to the US when I was 12 with my family and have been living in New Jersey ever since.

I started my SVM journey right out of college in May 2011 as an intern. Shortly after, I was hired full time as an Account Coordinator and I am currently serving as the Client Service Lead. This title was created for me as a jack-of-all-trade at SVM, working on anything strategic and operational.

Get to Know Laure

What’s the best part of your job at SVM?

The variety of the work. SVM offers a wide variety of online marketing services and I get to work on everything from result measurement, to content marketing and website creation. Every day is different and fast paced. I love it!

What’s the most challenging part of your job at SVM?

Although I love that everyday is different and that I get to work on such a wide variety of online marketing services, the variety and amount of work also gets overwhelming. Working at SVM has really taught me how to manage my time, be organized and prioritize based on deadlines.

Why are you passionate about online marketing?

What’s not to love? I grew up in the digital age. I love everything about the online world! Plus, there are so many advantages to marketing online – it is convenient (your business is open around the clock without having to worry about opening hours, staff or overtime), you can market right to your target audience, everything can be tracked and it makes relationship building with your clients much simpler (online chat, social media, emails, etc).

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have a hard time sitting still and I am always up for a good time, so, there is not much I don’t like to do.

I really enjoy working out. I am an active Crossfitter and met my husband at Crossfit! I also love running, swimming, biking, dancing, kickboxing… and the list goes on…I pretty much like to do anything active (the dirtier the better).

I also really enjoy eating and trying out new food from all over the world. I love cooking and going out to eat at restaurants. I’m not picky as long as you put food in front of me.

laure helemski online marketing blogger

Any funny kid pictures to share with us?

laure helemski baby picture

And here’s a picture of my daughter, Camille, Just ’cause I think she’s the cutest




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