Ring-Ring! Conversions Are Calling

Conversions Are Callin2Tracking conversions on your website is key to understanding where your leads are coming from, the quality of those leads, and how well your website is performing overall. With various analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, you are able to find valuable information about how prospective customers interacted with your site, and if they converted by filling out a Contact Us form or purchasing a product.

But what if a customer chooses to pick up the phone instead of filling out a form? It’s a valid lead, but how do you track its source to understand the ROI of your marketing investments?

Missing out on Valuable Lead Data

Some prospective customers may prefer to speak with someone from your business immediately, as they may have a specific question, need something in a timely manner, or may just prefer speaking with a live person over filling out a form. By tracking these callers, it immediately gives you much more valuable insight into the profitability of your website and marketing initiatives.

Recently, SVM implemented call tracking for a client, and saw conversion rates skyrocket. Many prospective customers were calling for personal help instead of filling out the Contact Us form. By making those calls trackable, we were able to close the loop on the conversions and figure out where they came from.

However, call tracking can help with more than just tracking missing conversions. In order to understand how your business can benefit from call tracking, it is important to understand how it works as well.

How It Works

Typically, call tracking tools require you to implement a code on your site. This code dynamically changes the standard phone number on your site to trackable phone numbers that are used to track which source leads are coming from. In other words, someone coming from Google Organic Search will have a different number displayed than someone coming to the site from YouTube.

This allows you to have different phone numbers displayed to prospective customers coming from different sources, therefore allowing them to be tracked. Each of these tracked phone numbers are forwarded to your standard phone number.

What Can Call Tracking Do For You

Overall, various call tracking tools will allow you to:

  • Track and measure inbound phone calls from a variety of sources (organic, paid advertising campaigns, newsletters/emails, social media, etc.)
  • Track and measure phone calls as a goal conversion in Google Analytics and Google Ads.
  • Gather individual call information including date, time, phone number and call duration.
  • Track and measure all goal conversions simultaneously.

But what are some of the other benefits call tracking can provide for your business?

Ad Tracking. Many call tracking tools provide valuable keyword data that is connected with callers coming from Google or Bing pay-per-click (PPC). Along with caller ID, call duration, and other standard call information, you are provided with the keyword that triggered the ad they called from. This allows you to adjust your ads, bid strategy, and landing pages in a much more informed and strategic manner. 

Offline Marketing. Whether you are running a TV ad or making trade show swag, call tracking tools allow you to generate numbers for any offline marketing initiatives you may have. All you would need to do is incorporate the “offline source” phone number generated by the call tracking tool in your offline initiative. Whenever a prospective customer calls that number, it’s tracked, along with the important call details. 

Call Recording. What if standard call details are not enough to distinguish if a lead is good or bad? Various call tracking tools afford you the ability to not only track the standard call details, but also record the call along with them. This provides you with multiple benefits:

  • Differentiate bad or spammy calls from potential leads.
  • Ensure the quality performance of your Sales/Customer Service team.
  • Use recorded calls as training examples.

Fill in the Missing Piece

Call tracking is crucial to discerning your business’ performance and ultimately understanding your customer base.

Interested in finding out more information about how call tracking can fill in that missing piece in your conversions?  Partner with SVM today to get the full picture of when, where, and how your leads are converting on your website.

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