3 Reasons Every Company Should Have a Newsletter Archive

eNewsletter Alert Issue Email Delivering News UpdatesIf your company is sending out a newsletter on a regular basis, having a newsletter archive on your website provides a multitude of benefits. Unless the information you are providing is strictly for those who are subscribed there is no reason not to have this essential online resource. Provided are the top 3 benefits of having a newsletter archive.

1. Allowing Your Newsletters to Gain More Exposure

With B2B companies putting so much time and resources into newsletter content creation, it is a complete dis-service to not promote your newsletter as best as possible. Creating a newsletter archive gives users another way to access your newsletters and get as many views as possible. With all the time and resources that go into creating a newsletter, you want to make sure that you are getting as much value out of each one as possible. In order to make your newsletter archive as useful as possible, be sure that you create email newsletter content and campaigns that are effective.

2. Encouraging Users to Subscribe

Having past issues published on your website allows for users who are not currently subscribed to see what types of content and news that your company provides. Making these available can help persuade a user into subscribing if the content fits their interests. Seeing a past newsletter first hand is a much more effective way of convincing a user to subscribe than any call-to-action language you could provide.

Make sure to interlink your newsletter archive to your newsletter signup form and vice versa to make reading a newsletter and signing up as easy for the user as possible. This is by far one of the easiest ways to grow your newsletter contact list.

3. Use Your Newsletter Archive as a Marketing Tool

Many companies send out a newsletter, look at the visitor metrics, and then move on to their next newsletter. But in many cases this information may still be highly valuable even months later. Use your past newsletters as a marketing tool by:

  • Promoting your past newsletters on social media especially if a user is discussing a relevant topic you have addressed in the past. Comparing this comment to a basic, no link comment shows how you are one step ahead and knowledgeable of the topic.
  • Providing customers or clients a link to an old newsletter if they show interest in something you featured. This is another great way to encourage organic newsletter B2B email marketing list growth.
  • Having employees add a link to the archive in their email signature to drive traffic to the site and gain exposure.
  • Linking to a newsletter from other related areas of your website. This is especially useful if you have newsletter content that is not featured directly on your website. This will keep users on your site longer while promoting your B2B email newsletter.

With all the time and effort that goes in to developing valuable and educational newsletters, companies should always strive to get as much value out of each newsletter as possible and make sure it is properly promoted for continued success. Just having a newsletter signup form on your site is not enough to educate users about your newsletter and get them to sign up. For more information on email marketing, see the B2B Email Marketing Trends to Focus on blog post.

Please comment below with any other reasons you think all companies should have a newsletter archive.

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