Is Your B2B Digital Marketing Agency Working Out?

When to Leave Your Digital Marketing Agency

You already know that choosing a B2B digital marketing agency isn’t a responsibility to be taken lightly. However, it’s equally true that leaving your digital marketing agency shouldn’t be decided in haste.

Every relationship, business or otherwise, comes with its own set of pros and cons. So, before leaving your B2B digital marketing agency, decide if it’s possible to resuscitate the partnership. After all, if you leave and find a new agency, there’s no guarantee that that will be a golden relationship, either.

Should You Leave Your B2B Digital Marketing Agency?

No hard-and-fast rules can tell you for certain whether or not you should end the business relationship with your B2B digital marketing agency. But by asking yourself some simple questions and carefully considering your answers, you can get closer to feeling confident that you’re making the right decision:

Ask yourself these questions about your B2B digital marketing agency:

  • Do they understand your business and overall industry?
  • Do they communicate well and often?
  • Do they execute well?
  • Do they consistently meet your marketing goals?
  • Have they fulfilled the promises they made?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, then it might be time to find a new B2B digital marketing agency.

How to Leave Your B2B Digital Marketing Agency When Things Aren’t Working

Ending a relationship is hard, but it’s important for your business’ reputation that you handle it as professionally and pleasantly as possible. Plan to leave this partnership with care:

  • Start the conversation by highlighting the positive points of the business relationship.
  • Give the agency advance notice of your intention to leave and find a new agency.
  • Make arrangements for retrieving any proprietary information or data that belongs to your business.
  • Follow up the conversation in writing (email or letter) for legal purposes.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

In some situations, it might make sense to build your own in-house digital marketing team. You can also consider keeping some of the marketing functions in-house while turning the rest over to a digital agency.

Like any other important business decision, you should make the hire versus build decision only after considerable thought. Some factors that affect your decision include your company’s resources, budget, and timing.

If you do decide to hire a new B2B digital marketing agency, look for an agency that embodies these qualities:

  • Commitment to measurable results
  • Industry knowledge
  • Financial stability
  • Up-to-date methodologies
  • Trusted partner

Commitment to Measurable Results

A B2B digital marketing agency shouldn’t focus solely on deliverables. Although the ability to create a new website and SEO strategy are important, the digital marketing agency should be able to show that they can produce measurable results that impact your company’s goals.

These goals can vary from business to business, but they typically revolve around KPIs (key performance indicators) such as:

  • Improved conversion rate
  • More qualified leads per month
  • ROI (return on investment) for online marketing programs

Industry Knowledge

You might be really interested in the digital marketing agency just down the street. After all, it’s local and it has a great reputation.

But what is actually more important for your business is choosing a digital marketing agency that has a deep knowledge of your business sector. (Make sure you understand the difference between a B2C and a B2B digital marketing agency.) The online marketing world has had many years to mature, and it’s now possible to find marketing agencies that specialize in very distinct niches.

A digital marketing agency that specializes in your line of business can offer much more than a generic, neighborhood digital agency can. You’ll save time because you don’t need to educate them on how your business works. Also, you’ll benefit from their insight into your industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Financial Stability

A start-up B2B digital marketing agency might be hungry enough to work extra hard on your account. They would also be more affordable than agencies that have been in business longer.

The downside is that it’s risky to work with a new agency. If they shut down unexpectedly, then you might lose contact with them completely and find your proprietary data inaccessible, with your marketing campaigns dead in the water.

Up-to-date Methodologies

By its very nature, you would think that a B2B digital marketing agency would be up-to-date on the best practices of B2B digital marketing. However, the digital landscape changes so swiftly that it’s important for you to work with an agency that is committed to continuously learning.

Another important aspect of a cutting-edge digital marketing agency are its creative employees. By examining an agency’s in-house talent, you can see if they can retain talent long-term. After all, if an agency doesn’t treat its employees well, how well do you think they’ll treat their clients?

Trusted Partner

Rather than looking for an agency that agrees with everything you have to say and slavishly follows your every directive, look for a digital marketing agency that favors transparency and honesty. An agency that tells you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear is trying to form a true partnership with you and your business.

In addition to these tips, you can also check out our recent article, 3 Things to Look for in a B2B Digital Marketing Agency.

Tracking the Success of Your New B2B Digital Marketing Agency

After choosing a B2B digital marketing agency, it’s crucial to schedule regular meetings with them to go over current and upcoming projects. Use this time to make sure you:

  • Clearly communicate your company’s business goals.
  • Receive measurable results of online marketing campaigns and other projects.
  • Learn how your B2B digital marketing agency is continuously improving its marketing efforts and results on your behalf.

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