5 Tips for Building Your B2B Email Lead List with Pop-up Opt-in Forms

Build Email List Blog1B2B email marketing allows you to build an ongoing, interactive dialogue with your customers and prospects on a measurable, cost-efficient basis.

Don’t risk getting blacklisted by buying an email list. Organic list building is the key to successful email marketing. In order to build your own B2B email lead list, you’ll need to obtain permission from your customers and prospects before adding them.

The essence to capturing emails without disturbing visitors is to target the right audience with the right content and the right offer at the right time. A well-optimized and targeted pop-up opt-in form is an effective way to convert your website visitors into email subscribers. It will successfully entice potential customers to want to give their personal contact information, not force them.

Consider the following tips for creating a pop-up opt-in form that captures emails:

1. Clear call-to-action (CTA)

A successful B2B email marketing campaign must have an effective call-to-action. There are three main features to a CTA: placement, design, and copy/text. Your pop-up form’s CTA should also be relevant to the specific page it is living on and the person visiting that page. Most of your visitors will only take action if it’s logical and likely to benefit them in some way.

2. Visually appealing

Encourage visitors to sign up with an innovative pop-up design and easy to read text. Your form should only have 2-3 fields and the colors should match your website’s theme. Depending on the brand, your image should either be the lead magnet or the face of your company. Be sure to do A/B split testing while your pop-up is running (use different images, change the color/shape of the CTA button, add/delete fields) to figure out the best pop-up strategy.

3. Timing is everything

There are several types of pop-ups to choose from: entrance, timed, scroll-activated, reader’s choice, and exit intent. Picking the right one for a specific page is key to grabbing users’ attention and making sure they opt-in. You don’t want someone reading your blog post to be interrupted by a pop-up when they haven’t even made it halfway through the content.

4. Interest-based offer

You can personalize your popup’s offer based on a specific page or visitor. Your offer can include a free download, consultation, toolkit, resource, etc. People are more prone to give you their email address in exchange for something beneficial to them (especially if it’s free). It’s your job to sell the idea of subscribing to your email list and you’ll need an attractive lead magnet to do so.

5. Capture abandoning visitors

Users might leave your site because they finished reading an article, the content was irrelevant, or they couldn’t find the product they were looking for. In that moment of indecision, you can interrupt the customer with an exit intent pop-up (a po-pup that will appear on the screen as the visitor moves their cursor to exit the page). This allows you to give your potential customer a second chance at opting in.

Pop-ups don’t have to be annoying. Although some people feel overwhelmed and interrupted by bad digital ads, you can have them on your website and keep your visitors happy at the same time. People don’t actually hate ads; they just hate the bad ones. Following these five tips will ensure you are on your way to email marketing success!

Still not sure popup opt-in forms are right for your company?

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