3 Things to Look for in a B2B Digital Marketing Agency

Whether your B2B company is looking for a marketing expert to enhance your digital marketing strategy or you’re interested in implementing digital marketing services for the very first time, working with an outside B2B digital marketing agency is a great option. Compared to hiring internally, working with an agency provides proven marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost of assembling a team in-house. 

But with so many B2B digital marketing agencies to choose from, how can you make sure you choose the right provider? While there are a number of things to consider during your vetting process, any reputable and trusted B2B marketing agency should put emphasis on the following core competencies. 

1. Commitment to Understanding Your Business

A good B2B digital marketing agency understands that no two businesses are the same, and their marketing efforts should not be treated the same. Even businesses that seem very similar on the surface, or work in the same industry will:

  • Operate differently.
  • Offer different product and services.
  • Have different goals.
  • Measure success differently.
  • Possess unique value propositions.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to online marketing, especially when comparing B2B marketing to B2C marketing, so finding an industrial marketing service provider that takes the time to learn about your business inside and out is crucial to generating marketing success. This deep dive understanding of a client’s business should start at the very beginning of a client relationship, as it will be the core foundation of the marketing company’s services. But the learning does not stop there. Reputable B2B digital marketing agencies will be committed to continuing their education when it comes to understanding your business.

Without understanding a client’s business how could a marketing agency:

  • Understand how best to structure your website based on what your users are looking for.
  • Recognize what keyword phrases are important to your business and should be focused on from an SEO and sales perspective.
  • Write high-level educational content that interests and educates your target audience.
  • Know what products and services are crucial to your business and which are not, so marketing efforts can be prioritized.
  • Connect and build relationships with your industry’s thought leaders.

While it may seem crucial for any marketing agency to understand their client’s business, it is even more important within the B2B sector. B2B companies are often complex, highly-technical, and include thousands of SKUs. Finding a marketing agency who specializes in the B2B or industrial sector and is committed to learning will ensure their marketing efforts are customized to you and speak your audience’s language.

2. Focus on Generating Measurable Results

One of the greatest things about digital marketing, compared to traditional marketing, is that almost everything we do is measurable. There should never be digital marketing initiatives where the client is unsure of whether the strategy worked well or didn’t, because there are always data and results available to analyze and make informed decisions on how to move forward. Every task and deliverable should have ROI top-of-mind and include measurable insight whenever possible.

With profit margins becoming smaller and smaller and competition growing in many B2B sectors, laser focus on measuring marketing success is more important than ever. If an industrial marketing service provider does not discuss generating and reporting measurable results in early discussions or it is not clearly defined in their proposal, find someone else who makes this a top priority.

3. B2B Digital Marketing Agency Who is Looking for a Win-Win Partnership

The relationship between a company and their outside marketing agency needs to be seen as a long-term partnership where both parties benefit from one another. If the B2B digital marketing agency you work with sees it as a contract or just another client, you will not get the same level of dedication and commitment. Look for a marketing agency that is willing to put skin in the game as this guarantees that your success is also their success.

As mentioned previously, there is no cookie-cutter method to offering online marketing services, so you need someone who is going to:

  • Go above and beyond to understand your business.
  • Identify new and unique marketing initiatives that coincide with your brand.
  • Be honest and transparent, even when it might not be what you want to hear.

Whether your digital marketing is done in-house or sourced to a marketing agency, marketing cannot be viewed as a separate silo. Digital marketing should be a core part of any business and needs to be viewed as a connected piece of your overall business success. An online marketing agency who views your relationship as a partnership will ensure that marketing, sales, and service are viewed and treated as a unified effort. Without these departments working cohesively, the sales funnel and the ability to tracking marketing success suffers.

The Perfect B2B Digital Marketing Agency for Your Company

B2B Marketing AgencyFinding the right digital marketing partner can be challenging at times, but keeping these 3 core competencies top-of-mind can be an easy way to narrow the field. While digital marketing firms can specialize in a number of different things, finding a partner who is committed to your business sector is a great way to ensure they understand the common opportunities and challenges your sector presents. For over 25 years, SVM has offered online marketing services specifically to the B2B sector. B2C and B2B marketing are completely different, and the marketing strategy for each should be treated as such.

We have helped manufacturers, distributors and B2B service providers transform their marketing. Take a look at our portfolio to learn more about our clients and the services we have partnered with them on.

Interested in learning about how SVM can take your marketing to the next level and drastically improve your leads, sales and profits? Request a free online marketing analysis today to learn how SVM can deliver the B2B digital marketing solutions you need.

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