3 Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Interested in increasing your ROI? Then optimizing your site for long tail keywords rather than general keywords is a must.

Long Tail Keywords B2B SEO2Using long tail keywords for your search marketing initiatives is most definitely worth the time and effort. No matter whether you are trying to increase your B2B sales or simply want to drive more traffic to your website, forming a strategy to use long tail keywords instead of the generic one/two word phrases offers multiple benefits.

Long tail keywords are more beneficial for paid and organic search results.

1. More targeted search results

Long tail keywords are more specific than general one/two word keywords, so they are more specific to the searchers needs. It is a waste of time for visitors to visit a website that does not offer the right information – and for you. They are likely to leave your website very quickly and this will increase your bounce rate. People who arrived on your site from long tail keywords are most likely on your site because you offer exactly what they are looking for. Hence, they are more likely to perform a desired action whether it is to call, fill out a form, or buy your services or products. Usually, the conversion rate for long tail keywords is significantly higher than for general keywords.

2. Less competition

It is much easier to achieve a higher position for long tail keywords than for more common keywords in both organic search results as well as paid ad results. A long tail term such as “taper shank drill bits” returns far fewer results than “drills,” which means that there are fewer sites out there actively pursuing that keyword, so you stand a better chance of ranking higher.

3. Much more profitable

In B2B PPC, long tail, targeted keywords result in:

  • Lower CPCs (cost-per-click)
  • Higher CTRs (click-through-rate)
  • Higher quality scores
  • Higher conversion rate

In B2B organic search, long tail keywords result in:

  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher average time on site
  • Higher conversion rate

Higher conversion rate = higher ROI

Now that you know the advantages of utilizing long tail keywords in your business to business search engine marketing initiatives, just do it. Optimizing your site for long tail keywords will lead you to bottom-line results.

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