Gain Valuable Insights with In-Page Analytics

Understanding how potential customers interact with your website is crucial for any b2b business in order to make sure you are providing customers with a valuable and worthwhile experience. Google Analytics is a powerful and informative tool that provides insight into this exact issue. However, when sifting through all of the numbers and charts in analytics, it can become easy to lose sight of exactly what you’re looking at and what it means for the customer in terms of their experience.

Picture12In-Page Analytics is a great tool within Google Analytics that provides you with key data overlaid on your actual website. Instead of looking at the Google Analytics data in tables and charts, the data and results are placed on the website in the areas they reference.

The picture to the right shows In-Page Analytics indicating how often a link is clicked.

What is the Advantage?

Google Analytics is designed to make your job easier, and your marketing and website efforts more efficient. Many times a company’s website is the first point of contact a potential customer or client has with the company. It is vital that the website be clear, pertinent, and direct in its links, layout, and content.  Google Analytics can tell you if your company is hitting these points overall, and In-Page Analytics takes it a step further and shows you specifically what parts of your website are working.

In-Page Analytics also offers convenience over Google Analytics.  Instead of looking between the Google Analytics’ report and your company site, you only need to look at the site itself. It saves you time, and in the long run, will save your company money since you can easily see what’s working, and what isn’t. Thus, allowing you to update your website quickly to better serve customers/clients.  Data that may be overlooked in the Google Analytics report will be clearly visible in the area of the site it relates to in In-Page Analytics.

Visually Answer Key Questions About Your Marketing Strategy

In-Page Analytics CTAIn addition to the convenience and money savings, In-Page Analytics offers a myriad of answers to questions you should be asking, including:

  1. What links are my customers clicking?
  2. Are my page layouts optimal for my customers?
  3. Are my Call to Actions Working?

With In-Page Analytics, you’ll get the answers to these questions by looking at and analyzing the percentages or color indicators on every site link.

In-Page Analytics turns popular, and heavily trafficked links red, and the less clicked links green.  If something is green or has a low percentage, this indicates you can replace it with another link, or may need to move it somewhere else where it can be more useful and visible for visitors.  In-Page Analytics offers a visual portrayal of clicker tracker.

How It Works

In-Page Analytics is offered through a Google Chrome plug-in available on the Chrome Webstore.  Once downloaded, you can access In-Page Analytics through your Google Analytics account.

Follow these steps to reach In-Page Analytics within your Google Analytics portal:

  1. Navigate to your view
  2. Select the Reporting tab.
  3. Select Behavior > In-Page Analytics.

Alternatively, select Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. Drill into a page and select the In-Page tab. This opens the report for that page.

At this point you should be able to see the selected page’s traffic and clicks from Google Analytics right on the website.

Begin Leveraging In-Page Analytics

You could be losing business if your website does not reach your customers/clients. Maybe the site’s featured article isn’t of interest to the majority of visitors, or the call to action that encourages visitors to contact you isn’t placed in a centralized enough location. In-page analytics helps uncover these issues quickly, allowing you to resolve them before they become a money losing problem.

Is your website helping or hurting your business? Find out today!

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