167% Increase in Conversion Rate, 91% Increase in Visits

Dan Beadle is SVM’s Account Coordinator for Barney Conway at Regal Cutting Tools.

At SVM, we love to work with clients that we also call friends.  The folks at Regal are no exception.

Regal Cutting Tools Logo

Warren, Barney, Jeff, Dick, Matt, and the whole Regal team are simply awesome partners.  We have meetings every month to discuss results and plan next steps, and they keep us on our toes and laughing every time.  They’re smart, open to new ideas, and dedicated to online marketing success.  It shows in their results.

Why They Chose SVM

Regal Cutting Tools is a manufacturer of high quality metal cutting tools, including a full line of stock products, plus special taps that can be custom-manufactured in as little as 24 hours.

They chose SVM because they saw how their distributors, their end-customers, and the competitive landscape were changing.  They have a great sales team in place, but without a competitive online presence, they were missing opportunities to grow. 

The Regal team also talked with a few of our references and came to visit SVM at our office in New Jersey before signing on with us.  They were impressed by our willingness to learn their business, our ability to follow through on promises, and our focus on bottom-line results.

So, we implemented a full online marketing program, including a rebuild of their website, and our Virtual Online Marketing Director service.  Now, they’ve got a top-notch online presence that is producing real results.

The Tools in Regal’s Online Marketing Machine

  • A customer-focused website, primed for SEO success.
  • Organic search engine optimization to achieve top ranks for their power keywords, plus other long-tail phrases.
  • A PPC campaign that is consistently enhanced to minimize waste and maximize conversions.
  • A monthly email newsletter, focused on giving both distributors and end-users an inside look at Regal’s people and processes.
  • Content marketing to build up their site’s Learning Center and provide content for their email marketing campaigns.
  • Results measurement and analysis to make data-driven website improvements and plan new marketing strategies.
  • Next Up: A greater focus on educational content marketing for SEO, and social strategies for SEO and sales engagement.

Results So Far

After the site went live, Regal achieved:

  • A 91.36% increase in visits to the site, primarily driven by organic search
  • A 167% increase in conversion rate
  • Rave reviews and buy-in from employees and customers

Since then, we’ve seen:

  • Continued increases in total goal conversions and traffic
  • Steady improvements in PPC and email campaign metrics
  • An all-time high order volume placed online via their e-commerce system

In Their Own Words

Warren from Regal loves SVMWarren is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Regal.  Here’s what he had to say about SVM:

The seven months of preparation was a positive and educational experience for our internal team working with SVM. This process was comprehensive and time consuming but absolutely necessary for a successful launch. SVM provided the expertise and experience to lead the process and implement best practices.

While we are constantly making adjustments based on live experience and google analytics assessments, we increased our visits by 91% and our goal conversion rate by 167% after go live.

The positive working relationships we established with SVM and their expertise in web development has created a partnership that we believe will yield the short term and long term success we desire.

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