Should You Use the Google Disavow Link Tool?

Navigating the world of SEO and trying to make sense of which things are considered good by Google’s strict search standards can put a lot of strain on someone who is already busy running a business and doesn’t have the time to become an SEO expert in one day.

While most advice out there tells you to simply create compelling and unique content, don’t buy bad backlinks, and don’t overuse keywords, there is so much more to it to help you boost up your website on the search ranks.

One of the bigger ones many don’t realize they should be doing is disavow poor quality links to your website. If you think your website is being harmed by Google penalties because of poor or spammy backlinks that are beyond your control, read on how to get rid of those penalties as well as other useful tips about links and start rising up in the ranks once more.

Google’s Disavow Link Tool

There are two types of penalties that your website can face from Google: manual and algorithmic. One is a penalty done manually, as the name suggests, while the other is more automatic and done by their computers because your website might have done something wrong in terms of a recent algorithm update. Both penalties can mean a huge dip in traffic and lost revenue for you, but you can fix any problems with your website and then start to see improvements either instantly or over the next couple months. But with algorithmic updates, you also have the option of using Google provided tools. This is where the Google Disavow Link Tool comes into play.

If your website has been suffering from Google update penalties related to bad links that are backlinks beyond your control, you can use the Disavow Link Tool to tell Google to automatically take those links out of your quality score. This tool works much in the same way as the “no follow” option that you can give certain links so they don’t follow back to your website.

The Good & Bad of Disavow Link

While this can be a handy tool and can help prevent future penalties, it does have its drawbacks. The biggest one is that it may take weeks or even months for the penalty to be completely fixed. This is because the changes from the Disavow Link Tool need to be processed by Google and once processed the information will be incorporated into the Google index to be updated during the next Google crawl. The timeline is never certain as Google rolls out algorithm updates and changes to their discretion.

There is also the manual method. When an actual human being at Google penalizes your site, they will notify you of the penalties being placed on your website, then you can clean up your website and send in a reconsideration request. Another human being will review this request and deem if your website has made the necessary changes, which can sometimes take a shorter time compared to automatic algorithmic changes.

Always Be Proactive

Matt Cutts, the man behind the algorithm changes, still advises that you use the Disavow Tool even if your website hasn’t been penalized. This allows you to be proactive and have a consistently highly quality website that keeps its standing with Google and its top spot on search. The best strategy when it comes to staying ahead of algorithm updates and not seeing that dreaded drop in views is staying on top of industry news and using the tools Google gives you. That way you aren’t pulling out hair over the dreaded algorithm updates.

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