5 Ways Team Work Improves Agency Performance

team building eventWe work hard at SVM, which is why it is important for us to incorporate team-bonding activities into our agenda. The most recent event consisted of the whole team participating in a group painting session at Pinot’s Palette Red Bank. While none of us were able to say “I have a knack for art,” to our surprise the paintings came out great and everyone had a blast while making them! The lesson we learned from our paint bash is that what the group-activity is itself does not always matter, just as long as everyone is bonding and working together. Team work is one of the most important elements in any company because the better employees can collaborate and work together, the better the organization performs overall.  Here are five ways in which team work has improved agency performance at SVM E-Marketing Solutions.

1.  Higher quality Work

When working as a team, we break up the tasks and split them up amongst ourselves, leaving each person to be more thorough on their own part. The work is higher quality and it takes less time to accomplish with multiple people efficiently working at once.

2.  Builds Trust

One of the most important elements among every successful team is trust. Coworkers must feel comfortable enough to rely on each other in order to work together. Having one common goal means that actions affecting one person affects everyone else as well. At SVM, we are successful because every group-members trusts that everyone is putting in the required effort. And, because members know that everyone is trusting them as well, this serves as personal motivation for each person’s individual job. The mutual support boosts confidence, producing higher quality performance.  

team building event3.  Promotes company pride

Our company culture and dedication is what makes SVM so successful. Working to achieve common goals makes employees feel connected to the company. When goals are accomplished, we, as a team, feel proud of the different contributions because the team would not have been successful without them. The sense of accomplishment is even stronger knowing that every member of the organization benefited from working together.

4.  Fosters creativity and learning

Team work builds on the unique talents of every employee. There are many methods to accomplish a task, so how do you decide which is the most efficient? Putting multiple perspectives together displays all of the major pros and cons for each possibility. No coworker has the exact same job experience, so every piece of advice has something special to offer. Knowledge and creativity are maximized to their highest potential, leaving no room for a weak outcome.

5. No need to Re-invent the Wheel

At SVM we have sprint meetings every two weeks. This is a time where everyone from the team gathers to go over all of the different projects and learnings that are happening at the moment. It allows for everyone to stay up to date on what is going on and to collaborate about upcoming projects. As previously mentioned, no two team-mates have ever worked on the same clients and same projects. This is why it is important to discuss projects and combine everyone’s knowledge to save valuable time that would have otherwise been spent doing the same work over again. It often takes less time to update previous research than to start from scratch.

In conclusion, teamwork drives bottom-line results! Plus, team-bonding events are an exciting way of changing of how the staff works together, away from desks.

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